Isabel Ruiz

Isabel Ruiz



“Always fight to not be taken over by the rest; you will often be alone, and sometimes afraid. But the price is never too high to be able to enjoy being yourself”

Friedrich Nietzsche



Childhood Teacher training Degree. Lasalle University College, affiliated to the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.


She began her career in 2005 in Allende Branding S.L as Sr. account executive, performing tasks such as design consultancy specializing in corporate design, editorial design, packaging and retail. Responsible for monitoring and control of customers as well as co-ordination and implementations of the entire branding process: research, strategy, implementation and management.
In 2010 she joined The Old Convent in Boadilla as public relations for the coordination, management and execution of events and conferences at a corporate level for companies and individuals.

Finally, in January 2011 he joins Mavens in the Administration department as responsible for events.