José Luis López-Hermida

José Luis López-Hermida



“What’s going on, it’s convenient.”

I Marqués de Del Bosque.



Degree in Law from the Universidad Complutense – CEU San Pablo (1994).

Bachelor in Business Administration – CEU San Pablo EMPRESARIAL- JURIDICAL SPECIALITY (1995).


Master in Business Tax Consultancy. Instituto de Empresa – IE 1996.

Bachelor in the School of Legal Practice. Pontifical University of Comillas – ICADE (1995).

He joined the Madrid Bar Association as a practicing member since 1994, having been a member of the group of corporate lawyers.


At the end of 1996 he joined Banco Santander de Negocios (Santander Investment) as a private banking lawyer. After the merger of Banco Santander and Banco Central Hispanoamericano and the subsequent integration of BSN and Banco BANIF, he continued as a lawyer in the advisory and estate planning department of BSN-BANIF.  In 2001, he joined BNP Paribas Private Bank as Head of the Legal and Tax Planning Department of wealth management. In 2006 he was appointed Director of the Tax and Estate Planning Department of BNP PARIBAS Wealth Management International, carrying out the tax and estate planning advisory work for HNWI.

He has been Director of several Spanish SICAVs and Luxembourg entities, participant in the foreign banking tax commission of the Spanish banking sector and Professor at Wealth Management University of BNP Paribas in collaboration with EFPA Spain, responsible for internal training in legal and tax advice and planning, in addition to being a speaker and regular lecturer specialising in asset structures, inheritance protection, taxation of private equity investments, family business taxation, and planning of large estates.

At the end of November 2019 he joined MAVENS as a lawyer in the practice of Tax Advice and Estate Planning.