The World Health Organization’s declaration of a global pandemic and in addition, the state of alarm in Spain (Royal Decree 463/2020, of 14 March) along with the continued enactment of abundant, urgent and extraordinary regulations has prompted us to carry out the following actions:

We have reinforced our legal teams specializing in the following areas:

  • Employment and Social Security Law: employment issues; Collective Dismissal Proceedings (Expedientes de Regulación de Empleo) (ERE, ERTE); suspension of employment relations, change in working hours, schedules and telecommuting; contributions, deferrals and unemployment benefits.
  • Contract law, in broad terms and, in particular, regarding the suspension and amendment of clauses and contracts, interruptions, delays, changes in circumstances, cases of force majeure, etc., in civil and commercial agreements, whether national or international.
  • Financial law and refinancing: Debt and credit negotiation, compliance with ratios, defaults, extraordinary circumstances, entitlement to public aid.
  • Tax law, in relation to deferrals, suspended deadlines for tax payments, and amendments in local and regional taxes.
  • Bankruptcy law, voluntary and mandatory insolvency proceedings, pre-insolvency proceedings, involving natural persons, freelance workers, entrepreneurs and companies.
  • Procedural and administrative law, in all matters related to the suspension of deadlines and regulatory amendments in civil, criminal and commercial procedures in all jurisdictions; administrative proceedings and arbitration (national and international), mediation and disputes.


In the interests of our team and to everyone’s benefit, we have limited on-site presence to meetings or interviews that cannot be postponed, where all officially recommended protection and physical separation measures will be adopted.

For telecommuting the entire team has the necessary tools and experience, and cybersecurity measures in place, to allow us to continue providing a smooth and uninterrupted service, with the utmost protection.

All of us at Mavens remain at your total disposal, trusting that this exceptional and temporary situation will be overcome quickly and in the best way possible for our health and interests.


Here are words of encouragement from mavens, everything will be fine.

Madrid, on 17th March 2020

What does it mean?

mavens means trustworthy experts in complex matters, an English neologism taken from “The Tipping Point”, written by Malcolm Gladwell. For more information, see WIKIPEDIA

In any case, we are more than happy to explain this in person. Please schedule an appointment. 

Our priority is you

mavens, our firm, is a Law Firm involved in providing advice to enterprises, institutions, families and individuals in most of their entrepreneurial, institutional, professionaland business activities.

There are no capital letters because we believe that the emphasis should lie on our Clients. Our aim is to cover your needs, regardless of the type: advice, a solution, an alternative, help in decision-making, the execution of a plan, a new strategy… Over time, we gradually adjust our professional and technological skills to the needs of our Clients and the market, at the speed and with the thoroughness they both require.

Main working areas

Business and Entrepreneurship Law

At the Commercial Department we handle the needs of our enterprise clients, providing advice on a broad range of issues, covering both day-to-day business (advice in contractual matters and ordinary corporate activity) and exceptional transactions (sale and purchase of companies and/or undertakings, mergers, spin-offs, segregations, contributions of a branch of activity, etc.). We also advise and assist company shareholders in their mutual relations and with other investee companies, helping them establish devices governing both their co-existence and the terms of their possible exit.

Tax Planning and Tax Advice

The Mavens Tax Department’s mission is to help clients in their professional success, simplifying their work, anticipating problems and offering creative and simple solutions to them, always trying to give added value. Consequently, we provide a service based on common sense, trusting to turn our clients into “unconditional clients”.
Among the different specialities of the Mavens Tax Department, we provide the following services: continuous tax advice (flat-rate monthly fees), Family Business taxation, tax advice to large estates, taxation of corporate restructuring operations (mergers, spin-offs, exchanges of securities, etc.).), inheritance procedures, tax regularizations both nationally and internationally, planning strategies and tax optimization in inspection procedures, tax proceedings before the various Economic Administrative Courts and contentious instances having a high percentage of success even in resolutions of the Supreme Court itself, tax recovery (IIVTNU), impatriation procedures for employees who transfer their tax residence to Spain, etc..
Our professionals have a broad vision of tax law with solid knowledge in taxation (local, regional, international, financial, indirect) and accounting, but also with knowledge in other areas of law (commercial, civil, procedural), which makes our professionals have a joint vision of the situations raised by our clients, a fact that places the Mavens Tax Department as a benchmark in the 360º advice provided to their clients. The experience, capacity and proactivity of our professionals make them able of adapting and understanding the client”.

Civil Law and Conflict Resolution

Our Procedural/Contentious Department, in addition to providing our clients with preventive advice on potential conflicts, offers long-term experience in designing procedural strategies and processing judicial and arbitral proceedings on a multidisciplinary basis. Mavens carries out this activity in practically all business areas and sectors. Of interest is our activity in company law and corporate governance, including all civil and commercial contractual matters, real estate, insurance, insolvency, banking, intellectual and industrial property, competition law, white collar crime, family law and succession, as well as contentious-administrative, employment and fiscal/tax law.


• M&A and divestment.

• Advice and asset management service.

• Real state.

• Commercial legal advice. 

• Tax assessments. 

• Conflicts.

• Regulatory issues.

• Employment and Human Capital.

• Business criminal law.

• Industrial property & ICTs.

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At mavens, our foremost commitment is with our clients: we cover their business needs following the highest ethical and professional standards.

We encourage the diversity of our team members and help each individual person develop his/her professional career in the widest terms, providing a flexible working schedule to enable our employees to balance their family/professional life and leisure activities.

We are proud of helping train young professionals further to our collaboration with educational institutions, e.g.

We belong to the Board of the Esteban Vicente Foundation for the sponsoring of art.

Our environmentally-friendly firm applies a committed paper and energy-saving policy.

We also participate in legal and tax education through our permanent collaboration with Spain’s most renowned business schools

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