Privacy Policy

In compliance with what is established in current personal data protection regulations, Legal Mavens, S.L. acts as the controller of any personal data (“Personal Data”) provided to us.


In particular, each time our website (the “Website”) is used, information provided, or if it is necessary to access any type of information allowing us to identify you, whether to browse the Website, hire or make use of our services, or to establish commercial or professional relations with Mavens, you will be bound by this Privacy Policy, along with the General Terms hosted in the Website, and other referenced documents in force from time to time, which you are obliged to review in order to confirm your acceptance. This Privacy Policy and our General Terms may change. Please read them from time to time, as only those hosted in the Website at a given moment will be applicable.


Holder: Legal Mavens, S.L. (“Mavens”)
Registered Address: Calle Claudio Coello nº 32, 1ª planta, Madrid 28001.
Registration Details: Registered at the Commercial Registry of Madrid, tome 25.987, folio 1, section 8, sheet M-468447.
C.I.F.: B-85519544


The term “Personal Data” may refer to any information or data directly or indirectly identifying a natural person who is a Website user or who is using Mavens’s services, or who establishes commercial or professional relations with Mavens (hereinafter, the “User”). Personal Data will include information such as name, surname, DNI, e-mail, mailing address or mobile phone, amongst others.


By providing your Personal Data, the User is presumed to grant his informed, express, free and unequivocal consent, in order for his data to be processed by Mavens for the purposes established.


Any Personal Data requested are, in general, mandatory (unless the required field were to specify otherwise) in order to fulfil the purposes established. Consequently, if not provided, or if inaccurate data are provided, such purposes may not be achieved.


The User hereby represents and warrants that the Personal Data submitted are true, exact, complete and up to date, and undertakes to inform Mavens of any change or alteration.

The User will be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage that Mavens may suffer as a result of a misrepresentation.


According to the proactive responsibility principle, any Personal Data gathered will in any case be processed licitly, legally and transparently, and exclusively limited to the purposes foreseen in this Policy below, or other purposes expressly authorised by the User at the time, in line with the accuracy and minimisation principle.

Any Personal Data gathered will be saved for as long as a mutual interest exists to maintain the purpose of the processing, or if this is required for the legal preservation of data, and will be subsequently destroyed.

Furthermore, any Personal Data gathered will be treated on a totally confidential basis, upholding a duty of secrecy, pursuant to applicable regulations, for which the necessary technical and organisational measures will be adopted to guarantee data security and to avoid their alteration, loss or unauthorised processing or access, given the state of the art, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed; the User may in any case bring a claim before the supervisory authority, if he disagrees.


Lawfulness of the processing of the Personal Data provided by the User is based on the following:

  • The data subject’s unequivocal consent for one or more specific purposes.
  • If this processing is necessary to perform a contract with Mavens to which the data subject is party.
  • If this processing is necessary to fulfil a legal obligation binding on Mavens, as the data controller.

The User hereby expressly agrees to the processing of his Personal Data for the following purposes:

  • To manage, evaluate, access and reply to any request for information or contact received through any channels available on the Website.
  • To periodically forward our e-newsletters, with updates on Mavens’s activity and its sector, or to invite the User to events and seminars that may be of interest.
  • To complete statistic reports on access patterns and user activity on the Website.
  • To process your potential candidature, should you provide Mavens with your c.v., by e-mail or by completing a form. In this case, your Personal Data will be treated confidentially and to process your potential candidature only.
  • To manage the client’s contractual relationship with Mavens.
  • To manage any other type of commercial or professional relationship previously established with Mavens.
  • To fulfil any legally established obligations.

mavens will be the only recipient of your processed Personal Data, or any other company that may eventually join its corporate group.

Unless Mavens is legally entitled, it hereby states and expressly guarantees that in no event will it assign the Personal Data received- without previously obtaining the user’s express, informed and unequivocal consent- to third parties or entities not covered by the preceding section.

Likewise, Mavens hereby states and expressly guarantees that it will not make any international data transfers to third countries outside the European Union or to countries that are unable to warrant an adequate level of protection in accordance with current regulations.


One of the purposes for which a User’s Personal Data are processed is to forward periodic electronic communications or newsletters, with information on Mavens’s services or related legal matters and events, which may be of interest to the User.

If the User wishes to stop receiving communications of this kind from Mavens, it may deregister from the service by sending an e-mail to


The exercise of your rights of information, access, rectification, erasure, limitation or objection to data processing and portability may be carried out if the User sends a letter, along with a copy of a valid identity document, describing the right(s) to be exercised, to the address indicated above, or by sending an e-mail to

Likewise, the User will be entitled to withdraw his consent at any time and, if he considers that his data are not being processed under current regulations, he may bring a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


Mavens will at all times process your Personal Data with the utmost confidentiality, upholding its binding duty of secrecy, pursuant to applicable regulations, adopting any technical and organisational measures that are necessary for this purpose to guarantee your data security and to avoid their alteration, loss or unauthorised process or access, given the state of the art, the nature, scope, context and purposes of processing the data stored, and the risks to which they are exposed. The User may in any case bring a claim before the supervisory authority, if he disagrees.


You hereby declare, at your own risk, to have read and understood this Data Protection Policy in its entirety, which is deemed as expressly and fully known and accepted from the moment you check the relevant box and deliver your data. Consequently, if the User does not agree with the content of this Policy, he will refrain from making such delivery.